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Gold Vermeil 

What is Gold Vermeil and Why you should own one?

Gold vermeil is famous for a high-quality gold plate that is thicker compared to normal gold-plated jewelry. Gold vermeil has a quality sterling silver base (S925) and the standard is required to have at least 2.5 microns thick of gold plated on top of its base.

Gold vermeil base sterling silver is hypoallergenic and friendly to different types of skin better than alloy metal bases such as nickel and zinc. This type of Jewelry with Gold vermeil plated is good for wearing every day. 

The Lily & Pearl products use 14K Solid gold, 14K, and 18K Gold vermeil with a beautiful design crafted with high-quality materials that last. So what are you waiting for? 


Gold Plated

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  • High quality and affordable

  • They don't tarnish, can wear everyday

  • Good for skin, hypoallergenic

  • Gold Plating will last longer compare to gold plated jewelry.

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